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Band Members

Mikko Ruohonen ( drums )
Olli V.( guitar )
Janne Ruohonen ( bass )
Anssi Kartela ( vocals )

Former band members

Toni Valtanen (drums)
Marko Henriksson (guitar)
Axa Mutanen (vocals)


-Homemade tapes (punk)

-Mutaation aiheuttama...
Studio demo
Sold over 300 copies

-Musta Seremonia
Studio demo
Sold over 500 copies

-Musta Seremonia
ReRelease LP, CD (Svart Records)

EP (Svart Records)

Short history

Rippikoulu, a Finnish metal band, was formed in 1990. Back then
Rippikoulu was a punk band, but after a few of the band
members changed Rippikoulu began to play more metal. Rippikoulu
played music which is difficult to define. There are some influences from
gothic-, death- and heavymetal.

Our two studiodemos (1992,1993) were sold worldwide.

In 1995 one Rippikoulu band member died, and with him the whole band.
The guitarist of the band, Marko Henriksson died 1.1.1995, and Rippikoulu
took a two year break for the memory of Marko. We tried to made some comebacks,
but the band wasn`t the same without Marko.

After releasing Musta Seremonia again by Svart Records (2010) we decided to reunite
and now we are playing together again.


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